8 Weeks to Wellness Program

Active Chiropractic is an 8 Weeks to Wellness office. We believe in whole-health as a lifestyle. We believe in illness prevention and disease prevention.

How Do We Prevent Disease and Illness?

Through proper awareness, education, and the implementation of a holistic lifestyle, from diet and exercise, to spiritual and mental health.

On this page we will feature testimonials and results of patients who have successfully completed the 8 Weeks to Wellness program and have embraced it as a way of life. As a result, some of our patients see immediate and visible changes. In others it may be what patients have noticed within their lives and not necessarily visible to others right away.

In conclusion, every person is different, and we are proud of our patients who commit to succeed. So, are you ready to change your life?

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The 8 Weeks to Wellness Experience

Jessica before her 8 Weeks to Wellness journey

Jessica after completing 8 Weeks to Wellness

Jessica Landstra's Story

I joined 8 Weeks to Wellness as a motivator for my parents. I knew I wanted to lose some weight, so if that happened, it would be a plus.

Helping my parents with this program helped me to stay motivated and really stick with it.

After the first two weeks I was a whole new person and it felt so good! I was feeling amazing and had a lot of energy. My mood was great and I was losing weight as well.

I have lost about 35 pounds and I’m still going!

This program changed my eating habits and how I look at food.

I am a much happier person thanks to 8 Weeks to Wellness!

~ Jessica Landstra

August 15, 2017


Contact the office today to book your initial consultation and to receive your Wellness Score:


This is what you will receive during your initial visit. Your Wellness Score will be used as a baseline to determine your needs, and will be used throughout your journey to help us monitor changes and track results.

What is a Wellness Score?

This is how we define a baseline for your individualized wellness plan. We use a structured scoring system to track and measure your physiology and function.  It actually gives you a grade, A through F.  We measure what we call biomarkers of health.  When we perform a wellness score on you we look at numerous biomarkers of health.  To the left you’ll see a sample wellness score and below we have listed descriptions of some of the biomarkers we measure.

BODY MASS INDEX:  This is essentially a height and weight chart that indicates what your weight range should be for your height.  An average standard Body Mass Index is below 30. Anything above this mark indicates an exponentially increased risk factor for the 3 biggest killers of Americans: heart disease, cancer and obesity related conditions such as diabetes.

POSTURE NUMBER:  You live your life through your nervous system. Your posture tells us exactly what it going on with your spine and and how it is communicating with your nerve system.  We take a digital photo and you from the front and side.  A picture is worth a a thousand words.

CORE STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY:  We’ll perform 8 different exercises to test the strength and flexibility of your core muscles.  This indicates what areas need strengthened in order to best support your spine and neck. As Americans, the general consensus is that we sit too much and it’s taking its toll on our bodies.

BODY FAT PERCENTAGE:  The single best determiner of how well we age is the ratio of fat-to-muscle in our bodies.  Even if the scale isn’t changing, often our body composition is changing.  And since one pound of muscle burns 3 times as many calories as one pound of fat, yet takes up half the space on your body, knowing your percentage of body fat is crucial to knowing how WELL you are.

HEART RATE VARIABILITY:  As chiropractors we work with your spine and nerve system to optimize your health.  So it is very practical for us to measure your nerve system.  Our heart rate variability test does just that and tells us how adequately your nerve system is adapting to your environment.