Wellness Plan Testimonies

Active Chiropractic is a natural health solutions and wellness provider. We believe in whole-health as a lifestyle. We believe in illness prevention and disease prevention.

How Do We Prevent Disease and Illness?

Through proper awareness, education, and the implementation of a holistic lifestyle, from diet and exercise, to spiritual and mental health.

On this page we will feature testimonials and results of patients who have implemented our wellness approach and have embraced healthy habits as a way of life. As a result, some of our patients see immediate and visible changes. In others it may be what patients have noticed within their lives and not necessarily what is visible to others right away.

In conclusion, every person is different, and we are proud of our patients who commit to succeed. So, are you ready to set yourself up for success as you live well and live active?

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The Wellness Experience

Jessica before her wellness journey

Jessica after completing her wellness plan

Jessica Landstra's Story

I decided to commit to my wellness as a motivator for my parents. I knew I wanted to lose some weight, so if that happened, it would be a plus.

Helping my parents with this wellness program helped me to stay motivated and really stick with it.

After the first two weeks I was a whole new person and it felt so good! I was feeling amazing and had a lot of energy. My mood was great and I was losing weight as well.

I have lost about 35 pounds and I’m still going!

This program changed my eating habits and how I look at food.

I am a much happier person thanks to the wellness plan!

~ Jessica Landstra

August 15, 2017


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